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The Expansion of Consciousness

Are you unconsciously resisting the inevitable expansion of your  own consciousness?

The universe is expanding. So too is your consciousness.

How do you know your consciousness is expanding?  You are reading this blog; therefore it is expanding.

20 years ago “blogs” didn’t exist; they were not yet in human consciousness.  Human consciousness had not yet expanded enough to unveil the information necessary to create the technologies to support the expression that we call “blogging”.  It is true, matter is neither created nor destroyed, it is simply rearranged in new ways that we are suddenly able to recognize as possible,  as our consciousness expands.  The materials used to build the very computer on which I am typing this blog have always existed, human consciousness had simply not yet expanded enough to see how things needed to be arranged to create all the pieces that come together to create this computer.   Resistance to or denial of this expansion in any way is futile, for as the universe expands out in its inevitable expression of creation, so too does your conscious mind, for the two are inextricably linked.  Resistance, which often looks like insistence that your way is the only way,  frustration, intolerance, judgement, anger, and fear;  impedes the natural flow of energy. The stagnation of energy over prolonged periods of time, even multiples of lifetimes creates density.  That which is dense falls to the densest aspect of our being, the physical, which eventually creates illness in the physical.  The opposite of resistance is allowance.  Allowance becomes easy when we are in our truth, for when we are in our truth there is nothing to resist, and thus our consciousness expands freely.   Everything that will ever be created already exists just in a different configuration.  Imagine then if you could expand your consciousness, to consciously access information that already exists!

Living in love and light!

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