Having studied and explored the human body and its energy systems via traditions as varied as  traditional massage, Cranio-sacaral therapy, Feldenkrais,  Reiki and shamanic healing techniques, I specialize in establishing a specific and ongoing relationship with  clients who are interested in moving beyond the conventional understanding of wellness.  With over 10 years in the healing arts I  bring a wealth of training and experience to the table.   My background as a personal trainer, and chiropractic assistant coupled with my Esalen based massage training give me the tools to help you, whether your goal is to simply relax and find respite from the daily grind; to begin the process of healing an injury; optimize muscular recovery between workouts; or bring healing to the non-pysical aspects of self.

A Usui Reiki Master and Teacher I am a vessel for channeling pure source energy which I use in concert with my intuitive gifts as well as my connection to my personal spirit guides and the Ascended Masters to facilitate healing and shed light on the path of ascension.  Deeply connected to the Great Mother, Gaia, I am grateful for my connection to the stone people that I may access the oldest record keepers on earth, the crystals and minerals that were her first children.


I live in grace,

I embrace the I am that I am, for I am below exactly as I am above.

To all our relations!




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