Therapeutic Massage

Trained in traditional swedish,   deep tissue, sports, myofacial and trigger point massage ; I use a combination of all of the above to accomplish the goals we establish at the start of each session.  Whether it be to find a place of rest and relaxation, bring healing to an injury, recover between workouts or workout knarly knots, the long fluid strokes that are the core of all my work will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

75 min             90.00

90 min             120.00

Lymphatic/Medical Massage:

An integral part of the immune system as well as one of the primary metabolizers in the body, a properly functioning lymphatic system is key to maintaining optimal health.  While all massage will have a positive effect on the Lymphatic system, Lymphatic massage specifically is hugely beneficial post surgery and during the recovery from certain illnesses as it helps to rid the body of excess fluid and allows the the Lymph Nodes to function properly,  fighting infection and metabolizing bacteria.

Because the Lymphatic System is very close to the surface of the skin this is a very gentle massage that acts to push or pump  fluid through the lymph glands towards the larger lymph nodes for processing.

Lymphatic flush   30 minute             $65
Post Surgical      60 minute             $90

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