Energy Work

Crystal Therapy and Chakra Balancing

Crystals and stones have long been used for their intrinsic healing properties, their specific vibration can be used to bring balance to the chakra system as well as to aid the healing of soft tissue injuries  and break up congestion through out the body.

Crystals or stones are placed either on or around the body to stimulate specific points in the same way that an acupuncturist uses needles to clear blockages along the meridians.  It is typical to experience deep states of relaxation wherein deep rest and healing occur.

Rate            100-

Energetic Integration:

This is my signature process that integrates massage, cranio-sacral therapy and Reiki; which I use in conjunction with intuitive information to aid in the resolution of energetic and physical blockages; as well as to balance and clear the chakra system.  This process delves deeply into old patterns of holding both on the energetic and physical levels.  The specific structure of the session is informed by the individual and is a process by which one can access their own intuitive healing needs.  Sessions are generally one and a half hours long, but may be shorter or longer depending on the individual and the session and are most effective in a series over a period of time.

Rate                140-

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