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Is the Human Experience Necessary?

What is the quality of your human experience?

Are we expanding beyond the human experience?

Will there come a time in our evolution in which we don’t need the human experience?

The human experience will always be necessary.  The new age-metaphysical-spiritual-healing diaspora is replete with the notion  that as our collective consciousness evolves and we go up the ladder of ascension, eventually there will come a point where we evolve beyond the human experience.  Simply not true.  The Human experience is one of the greatest and most magnificent moments within the bigger cosmic experience.  In fact it is so special and so unique we come back and go through it time and time and time again.

Just as the idea that some great god will come from somewhere above and save us from this dreadful experience we call earth is imbedded in so many of the major religious traditions of the last 2500 years, , it  is equally as imbedded in the new age philosophy of ascension.  It is just hiding behind a new and clever vernacular, one that seemingly gives us more control of our own spiritual evolution.  However, any belief system that is based in judgment;  in the idea that something is better than the other; is a system that is by design intended to keep you from the very thing it is professing to bring you closer to, god.   Built into the spirituality of ascension is the idea that up is better than down, that higher is better than lower, that you are more ascended than me.   Is all of that not judgment?

We will continue to have human experiences as long as we continue to have judgment.  And then, when we have no judgment as individuals and as humanity as a whole, we will continue to have human experiences, but the quality or essence of those experiences will shift.   They will shift from experiences based in struggle lack and fear, to ones that are based and grounded entirely in love, joy and peace; which is the very purpose of the human experience:  to experience yourself in love, in joy and at peace.

Utopia, Moksha, The Garden of Eden:  These are not fictional places, they are not false hope.  These are very real places in the minds hearts and experiences of people who know and have tasted their own divinity right here on earth.  They are glimpses of your potential and yes inevitable future.   The only unknown is:  how long will it take you to get there and what will the quality of your journey be?  In this we have eminent control and we have free will.


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