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Allowance, Resistance, and Agreeance

Are you trapped in a Resistance based paradigm?

Is your life filled with resistance, strained relationships and situations?

Are the things you are in resistance to most, the things that actually define you most?

For a long time now humanity has been in a resistance based paradigm, for it has been our resistance that has defined us. It has more often than not been the things that we have resisted or opposed that has provided the lens through which we have seen ourselves. We are anti-abortion and anti-death penalty; we don’t eat meat and we don’t believe in god…. Our attachment to resistance is programmed into us from the onset of our earthwalk; as   infants and toddlers we hear no and don’t more than we hear yes and do.  No and don’t are passive forms of resistance that are imposed on our intrinsic drive  to “do”, to push outward, to expand our knowingness with every breath, from the first breath, even if unconsciously so.

We,  like the universe, by the very nature of our continual expansion, are constantly moving outward away from source;  therefore resistance of any kind to anything that is in motion is resistance to the universe itself of which you are a microcosmic expression of the larger macrocosm.   For example, it has taken us a hundred years to learn that building damns, creating physical resistance to the natural flow and movement of water across the surface of the earth, ultimately does more damage than good.  We have spent the last century and a half rerouting water because we thought it would be better for people; when in fact the practice has been devastating to the earth, which ultimately is devastating to people.  Thankfully the trend of dismantling damns and returning water ways to their natural flow has begun in many parts of the world.

To fully experience ourselves in truth we must shift from resistance into allowance, with the understanding that we can be in allowance of all that is while not being in agreeance with all that is.  Resistance in this respect is needing everything and everyone around us to be in agreeance with us; allowance is being so entirely at one with one’s own beliefs and in such truthful resonance with oneself that there is no need to have others be in agreeance with us.  When we allow others simply to be, even if they themselves are not in a place of allowance, there is no intrinsic resistance in you to them; and the likelihood of any conflict arising is dramatically diminished even if you are not in argreeance with them.    It is our ego that wants everyone to be in agreeance with us; it is our truth that wants simply to be allowed, yet that is the very thing we deny others. We want everyone to be in agreeance with us, that we may have support in our belief systems, for our own belief in their veracity is suspect or we would not need any one to support us in them.  It is a vicious cycle that is easily broken simply by coming into the space of allowance. The allowance of all that is, for it simply is.

Just as it is the collective human ego that believes we know better than does the earth itself how best to disperse water across it, it is the collective human ego that in it’s fragmented state believes the path to wholeness is through a unification of belief systems or sameness in our expression of self; when in fact the most direct path is through the allowance of all that is.

The Expansion of Consciousness

Are you unconsciously resisting the inevitable expansion of your  own consciousness?

The universe is expanding. So too is your consciousness.

How do you know your consciousness is expanding?  You are reading this blog; therefore it is expanding.

20 years ago “blogs” didn’t exist; they were not yet in human consciousness.  Human consciousness had not yet expanded enough to unveil the information necessary to create the technologies to support the expression that we call “blogging”.  It is true, matter is neither created nor destroyed, it is simply rearranged in new ways that we are suddenly able to recognize as possible,  as our consciousness expands.  The materials used to build the very computer on which I am typing this blog have always existed, human consciousness had simply not yet expanded enough to see how things needed to be arranged to create all the pieces that come together to create this computer.   Resistance to or denial of this expansion in any way is futile, for as the universe expands out in its inevitable expression of creation, so too does your conscious mind, for the two are inextricably linked.  Resistance, which often looks like insistence that your way is the only way,  frustration, intolerance, judgement, anger, and fear;  impedes the natural flow of energy. The stagnation of energy over prolonged periods of time, even multiples of lifetimes creates density.  That which is dense falls to the densest aspect of our being, the physical, which eventually creates illness in the physical.  The opposite of resistance is allowance.  Allowance becomes easy when we are in our truth, for when we are in our truth there is nothing to resist, and thus our consciousness expands freely.   Everything that will ever be created already exists just in a different configuration.  Imagine then if you could expand your consciousness, to consciously access information that already exists!

Living in love and light!

Belief Systems 2012

What are the belief systems that tell you what to do and how to live your life?

What are your belief systems really doing for you?

I believe, that 2012 is the year that our belief systems will begin to crumble.  That subconsciously we will begin to question the foundational thought forms that dictate our every choice, our every action and reaction.

The world is not going to end on December 21, 2012, there will not be three days of darkness, and aliens will not suddenly descend upon us from above in black ships and colonize our cities (they are already here). The only Armageddon will be in your heart as you begin to awaken to the truth of your being, as you recognize an unconscious urge to come into alignment with your essential self.    Chaos will ensue but on an intensely personal and individual level.  What already feels hard for you will feel harder, what already is in dissonance will be so more intensely; conversely, what is easy will feel easier and what is in resonance will resonate more intensely.

And then, there is the law of attraction (becareful!); and of course there is, free will.  You will either see this intensification in your experience as an opportunity to change,perhaps say a belief system,  or you will see it as justification to further entrench your self in belief systems that allow you to blame someone else, likely either god or a parent.  The former will move into higher vibrational existences, the later simply will not.

Today, I will question a belief system.  Tomorrow I may question the same belief system, and the day after perphaps  another; and today, and tomorrow, and the day after I  will consciously choose belief systems that support my being in complete alignment with myself and my truth, not someone elses idea of what my truth ought to be.

Love and live in the light!

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2012, a completion

Is it really 2012?  OMG! Is the world really going to come to a cataclysmic end by the end of 2012?!  Are we really going to devolve into a whirling mass of chaos? Did the Mayans get it right?  Or,  have we gotten it completely wrong and are we unconsciously continuing to create a new set of belief systems that keep us locked in  states of fear and lack  and thus out of alignment with source and disconnected from our essential selves?  There is a 26,000 year planetary cycle coming to completion in the year 2012 (approximatley!), everything that happens in the macrocosm of the universe, happens in the microcosmic universe that is each one of us individually.  What will your experience of yourself be as you come to the end of an intrinsic cycle that transcends the boundaries and experiences of this lifetime?

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