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Belief Systems 2012

What are the belief systems that tell you what to do and how to live your life?

What are your belief systems really doing for you?

I believe, that 2012 is the year that our belief systems will begin to crumble.  That subconsciously we will begin to question the foundational thought forms that dictate our every choice, our every action and reaction.

The world is not going to end on December 21, 2012, there will not be three days of darkness, and aliens will not suddenly descend upon us from above in black ships and colonize our cities (they are already here). The only Armageddon will be in your heart as you begin to awaken to the truth of your being, as you recognize an unconscious urge to come into alignment with your essential self.    Chaos will ensue but on an intensely personal and individual level.  What already feels hard for you will feel harder, what already is in dissonance will be so more intensely; conversely, what is easy will feel easier and what is in resonance will resonate more intensely.

And then, there is the law of attraction (becareful!); and of course there is, free will.  You will either see this intensification in your experience as an opportunity to change,perhaps say a belief system,  or you will see it as justification to further entrench your self in belief systems that allow you to blame someone else, likely either god or a parent.  The former will move into higher vibrational existences, the later simply will not.

Today, I will question a belief system.  Tomorrow I may question the same belief system, and the day after perphaps  another; and today, and tomorrow, and the day after I  will consciously choose belief systems that support my being in complete alignment with myself and my truth, not someone elses idea of what my truth ought to be.

Love and live in the light!

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2012, a completion

Is it really 2012?  OMG! Is the world really going to come to a cataclysmic end by the end of 2012?!  Are we really going to devolve into a whirling mass of chaos? Did the Mayans get it right?  Or,  have we gotten it completely wrong and are we unconsciously continuing to create a new set of belief systems that keep us locked in  states of fear and lack  and thus out of alignment with source and disconnected from our essential selves?  There is a 26,000 year planetary cycle coming to completion in the year 2012 (approximatley!), everything that happens in the macrocosm of the universe, happens in the microcosmic universe that is each one of us individually.  What will your experience of yourself be as you come to the end of an intrinsic cycle that transcends the boundaries and experiences of this lifetime?

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