2012, a completion

Is it really 2012?  OMG! Is the world really going to come to a cataclysmic end by the end of 2012?!  Are we really going to devolve into a whirling mass of chaos? Did the Mayans get it right?  Or,  have we gotten it completely wrong and are we unconsciously continuing to create a new set of belief systems that keep us locked in  states of fear and lack  and thus out of alignment with source and disconnected from our essential selves?  There is a 26,000 year planetary cycle coming to completion in the year 2012 (approximatley!), everything that happens in the macrocosm of the universe, happens in the microcosmic universe that is each one of us individually.  What will your experience of yourself be as you come to the end of an intrinsic cycle that transcends the boundaries and experiences of this lifetime?

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